Monday, February 11, 2013

Outfit For Winter

Since I moved to the desert I had bigger things on my mind than putting outfits together. So today I decided to remedy that by putting together a winter outfit. I hadn't planned on a purple and black theme but that's the way it turned out. I'm also wearing the new ankh I just got from Etsy. Even though I'm only going to the laundromat today I miss dressing up, so I put on my new pink lipstick. I've never had a winter in my adult life, so learning how to dress is a challenge. I want to be warm without looking like a hobo.

 A hat I made on a knitting loom.

Vampire ankh from Etsy

Purple and Black Outfit:
 Skirt: Holy Clothing
Blouse: Walmart
Sweatshirt: Walmart
Ankh: Etsy
Hat: Self-made on knitting loom

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