Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Life Just Got More Interesting

After what seemed like an endless downward spiral, my life just got better.
I may get to participate in my daughter's art gallery, which she is trying to find a home for right now. I hope she gets a great space for her paintings and wedding photography. And with any luck she'll share a wall or corner with me.

I'm also planning my first photo shoot. I'm going to start using models in my Etsy shops instead of styrofoam heads.I'm giddy with excitement. I've already had about 12 models respond to my ad. I just need to figure out where and when to have the first photo shoot. It's not that easy to find wooded areas in Anaheim.

And of course I need to design and sew a whole lot more fashions if I'm going to do this fashion designer thing. Ideas that have been kicking around in my head for years are all trying to burst out of the genie bottle at the same time, leaving me a bit crazed.

And my crochet tutorials are keeping me busy right now. The new one is on crocheting a squid.  I'm just waiting for the editor to approve it before I put it on video sites. I've been working on that squid for two years. I'm glad it's off my to-do list.

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