Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And Bam My Domain Name is Gone

I'm more than a little bummed that someone bought my old domain name I let it go and of course they squatted on it for a while, and then it became available again. Considering I made up the name out of the clear blue sky for a character in a book, and later named my Etsy shop after it, I wasn't worried that anyone else would want it. So today I decided to start actively looking for facepainting and balloon gigs again, and I was making a website on Weebly called Pigglewiggins, and imagine my surprise when I saw my name was gone! Someone named Frank in NY bought it last April and it's parked at GoDaddy. I just hope he doesn't turn it into an adult site or something. That would really fix my wagon. I wonder if he did a net search and found 200 articles by me that mentioned the name Pigglewiggins? Sigh, not much I can do now. It doesn't expire until 2012. It's also my name on Youtube. Grumble, mutter, grumble, mutter.

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