Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Knitting Stole or Wrap

I just did five rows on my knitted wrap with the many colors that I've dubbed Albuquerque Sunset. Naming my projects inspires me and helps me keep them separated in my mind. I grew up in New Mexico and loved the Southwestern colors. I wasn't sure what colors I wanted in total, but I was sure I wanted orange, turquoise and adobe! Then as the sun sets in comes the violets, the purples and the blues of night.

I try to do rows in increments of three, because the pattern is broken up into rows of three. But I had barely finished my fifth row when it got too dark to see on the patio. I could still see well enough to knit, but I was having trouble telling forest green from olive green from dark brown. So I wrapped it up carefully for the night. With that many colors, I can't just knit on the couch. I need a big table in front of me with the chart right in front of me. Plus I don't need the cats jumping on my lap.

Now I should go practice belly dancing.

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