Friday, August 20, 2010

Library Day

It's morning in S. California and we are having a heatwave. So I'm thinking today might be a good day to return library books and  make use of their air conditioning. I'll find one of my more portable crafts to take. I've been hankering to do some cross-stitch.  I should work on one I already have going though. Or I could do crewel work on some kitchen towels. Sadly, the market is really depressed. I can't compete with stitchers that sell their hand-embroidered towels for $6. each. That's not even minimum wage.Before I found that out I bought about 12 towels to embroider. I think I listed one or two and then got discouraged.

My boyfriend is off to the archery store this morning to get more feathers or something. You can see his latest arrow creations here: Greenman Archery.

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