Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Train Crafts

On the trip to the train station I worked like mad to finish the crocheted mermaid costume I was making for the baby. I got the fin section and the bikini top finished. I was whipping out the starfish headband when the bus got there. (The first part of my train trip was a 2 hour bus ride to Santa Barbara, CA). If I’d only had another five minutes I would have finished the headband. I handed it off to my daughter to finish, with some hasty oral directions. I should probably write them down for her and email them. On the train home I got to work on my knitted squares. They look a little wonky so I had to set that project aside until I get to check the directions at home. That’s the problem with memorizing directions. If you wait too long, they tend to slip from your mind. I didn’t have time to take any photos of it, so hopefully she’ll send me some soon.

Sunset from the train near Fullerton CA

Glendale Train Depot

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