Friday, March 29, 2013

Al Sahid SCA Event Tomorrow

Want to know the problem with living 30 miles away from the craft store? When you need a certain color of paint for a custom arrow order, you have to drive 60 miles round trip to pick it up. Ouch.

I found out we are vending at an SCA event tomorrow. I knew we were going but I didn't know we were allowed to sell anything, so now I'm scrambling to find things to sell that are already finished. So I'm taking all the felt bunny and owl ornaments just in case someone wants one for Easter or Ostera. I just need to figure out a cool way to display them that won't take up too much table space. Hopefully I can find the leather pouches I made too. I need to do that before it gets dark. I also need to find the belt that goes with my outfit. I know its kicking around here somewhere. I've seen it five or six times.

Time to go help with the truck packing.

Items from our last SCA event.

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