Sunday, March 24, 2013

ATS Costuming

My daughter wanted to try out the American Tribal belly dancing look after I showed her videos of Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes. So using just what we had on hand, plus $3 worth of flowers and a headband from a dollar shop, I helped her get her costume, hair and make-up together. She looks stunning. But she's still editing the 500 photos we took so you'll just have to wait until she's ready to share them. I'm catching the train home in the morning, so she'll email them to me or whatever when she gets time to do it. We both learned a lot and had great fun. She just had a baby a month and a half ago and she was ready to get all fancied up, if only for a few hours. And I didn't even know she had a cool sword to use as a prop until she got it out. I'd try to load the photos myself, but just my luck I'd erase them on her computer. I'm not even familiar with the program she is using for editing. I need to get to bed so I don't miss my train in the morning.

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