Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ankh Earrings in Black and Cream

Recently I've been fascinated with ankhs, also known as a looped cross. It is an ancient symbol used in Egyptology to denote eternal life. So I designed some ankh earrings yesterday. The prototype is okay, but then I figured out some improvements. So I finished the first pair, and started one with the new design. But then the wind picked up and my patience wore thin, so I had to put it away for the day. I think the nagging voice in the back of my head that no one would buy these for a price I could make a living at kept running through my mind and ruining my fun. And then I kept thinking about how I'm supposed to be earning money, and if I can't sell them, then it's just a hobby that I can't afford to waste my time on right now. So that undermined my confidence.

Ankh earrings designed by Fayme Harper ©2013

Sunrise in Lucerne Valley, CA

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