Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Downside of Being an Artist

Sometimes life gets me down to the point where I can't create. Wednesday and Thursday were like that. So I made it a reading day instead.

I got a $78 fine from an old library. I knew that one was coming but it was about twice as much as I expected.

And then my resale number was yanked from me when I reported zero CA sales in 2012. Shows you how few people are buying my art and it makes me feel like a failure. Granted 6 months of that time I was involved with moving to a new place. I have to prove to them I've sold 2 things this year to get it activated again. Then she called back and said I could redo my taxes if I'd made Internet sales to other places.  I guess I was supposed to report those all these years and I didn't know. Then you exclude them on another part of the form so you don't pay any California sales tax on those items. I told her at this point it would be easier to just make 2 more sales. Sigh.  I hate dealing with this kind of nonsense. It robs me of my peace of mind and my creativity.


Sunset self-portrait

This is Charlie, our archery target. We lost his antlers when we moved.

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