Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Doll Making Tips

Yesterday morning and this morning I worked on my witch doll. As the wind picked up I had to put her aside. The hair is time consuming. I picked a hairstyle that is a lot of work. So that is slowing things down some. But it is bringing pleasure.

Intuitive Doll Making Tips

Keep more than one sized needle handy. A tiny one for beads, a regular one for hand sewing, and a big eyed one for embroidery at the very least. Stick them on a magnet or your favorite pin cushion.

Take frequent breaks to rest your hands and eyes.

Keep a shoe box full of things you might need like ric-rac, buttons, trim, beads, lace, felt, novelty threads, and so on. Put elastic around the shoebox so it won't spill.

Don't wear lipstick while making your doll.

Don't get ahead of yourself. Leave room for new ideas to occur to you.

Listen to the doll. Change course if need be. Be flexible.

Don't forget to stuff things before you sew the shape closed.

Don't accidentally leave any needles inside the doll.

Hide the knots inside the doll or under trim or in the seams whenever possible, unless they are a
design element.

Keep a color wheel handy for inspiration.

Have fun and quit if you start getting too frustrated.

Put things away before you are too tired to do it.

Sneak preview.

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