Friday, March 08, 2013

Garden Afghan

I was getting really frustrated with the Internet today and so sick of uploading and downloading and hitting buttons and clicking this and that. So I figured the only cure was crochet. So I started a brand new afghan from a vintage pamphlet from Leisure Arts. So far I've crocheted 2 purple flowers with yellow centers. I've missed crochet. It seems to fly by so much faster than knitting. The pattern calls for a sage green background which I don't really care for. I think I'll go with a kelly green or something darker. I think I'll make all the flowers in cool colors like light and dark purple, plum, pink, and coral. The centers are a cool yellow, but I'm thinking of having several shades of yellow so it is not too boring.

There is an icy wind outside that's been blowing all day so it was good to have a nice cozy project to do in front of the fire. We didn't get any snow in our yard but it came right down to the base of the hills.

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