Monday, November 01, 2010

Gotta Love After Halloween Sales

I've found myself needing cheap wigs to display my handmade hats on, but also for youtube videos, especially vlogs, and for the improv comedy I want to get back into. So I was anxiously awaiting the  day after Halloween, when department stores slash their prices on Halloween items.

So now I am the happy owner of half a dozen wigs, some bizarre and amazing false eyelashes, and some tights I will repurpose into gloves.  And since they also put their Halloween t-shirts on sale, I got about 8 t-shirts for $2.50 each. Some didn't even fit me, but I can repurpose those into some awesome halter tops for summer.  And 3 colors of glitter hairspray.

Let's face it, if you are a witch, the best time to stock up on gothy style designs is around Halloween. I got bats, cats, witches, and a shirt that looks like Frankenstein's face.

The one thing I've been looking for since Nov. and never did find was a red wig. Ah well, there is always Ebay.

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