Monday, November 15, 2010

Back From Camping

Did anyone miss me while I was out camping?
I'm back now and ready to share more crafts.
On the camp-out I got out my Japanese cord braiding kit and made some headway on my cord. It's been months since I worked on it so it was challenging figuring out how to start in the middle of the pattern.  But I think I got it squared away.  I want to finish this plain one so I can try some of the beaded ones in the book I bought a month ago.

I also used my knitting loom whenever my hands were warm enough and the light was good enough. I'm almost done with the black and yellow hat from my loom knitting tutorial. Then the below freezing nights got me going on a new knitting project for a loop scarf to cover my neck, ears, and head in the sleeping bag. I'll probably use it for my next tutorial. The only problem is I had to use the yarn I took with me, and I think it's not going to be enough.

I also forgot to take the box of  finished earrings I was planning to sell, so had to start from scratch. I made about 7 pairs.  Then I found out one of the archers was also selling peyote stitch earrings, only hers were $2 a pair.  She sold out of the $2.00 earrings. I sold nothing. So it was pretty much an exercise in futility.

Today I worked on the Japanese cord braiding some more. But mostly I was tired from unpacking the truck and doing the grocery shopping.  I also bruised my thumb pulling out a tent stake, so I had to lay off the crafts for the day. I have two band-aids on my thumb.

Only I could go to a four day archery event and not shoot a single arrow.
I thought I'd downloaded the photos, but then I found out I had my boyfriend's camera. My camera must still be out in the truck. Shows you how tired I am.

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