Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween My Little Witchlings

We came back early from Queen's Champion Archery. We got pretty soaked camping Friday night. We definitely need a more weatherproof tent. And we weren't making any sales because 80% of the attendees just saw us at an archery event last weekend. So all things considered we came home Sat. night instead of Sunday.

So once again I find myself without Halloween plans.  This is the first year in a long time I haven't done facepainting at Pumpkins on the Pier in Pismo Beach, CA. That's because with all the budget cuts, my job got cut.  They are sticking to volunteers to do all their facepainting at many county events these days.

So I decided to start a new art journal today. I was going to follow Willowing's free art course online, but her first lesson was the same lesson I already saw Suziblu do on youtube a year or so back, maybe two years. I was so disappointed in that, but I'll still do my own thing in a new art journal for November.

The Zombie Nanner Gang is doing a Thanksgiving theme this month with Pilgrims, or gourds, or what have you. So I'll be making 2 Thanksgiving tutorials for that I think. One for knitting and one for crochet. Maybe turkeys. Plus I should do a hard shelled gourd project, before all my gourds rot. I really shouldn't have left them out in the weather, but I have no more space indoors for storing things.

Today is a Sabbat for me and a holy day. Whatever the rest of you do today I hope you have fun. Stay safe, keep away from open flames, and share your treasures.

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