Friday, October 08, 2010

How to Crochet a Circle

Along with my new 'used' computer came a new movie making program called Movie Maker Live. I tried to get my 'How to Crochet a Circle' video in yesterday, but no matter what format I saved it in the file was too big to send to my editor using either or  My video uploaded to youtube just fine and was over 13 minutes long. But I can't get paid unless I can get it to the editor so I was losing my mind. There is definitely a learning curve with such things, and my deadline was choking me.

So I turned to the Internet and Youtube. After a dinner break I thought "What if I just download the old Movie Maker and make it on there." I raced home to try it only to find you can't put that on Windows 7.  Or can you?  Many videos later I found a guy that said you can run Windows Movie Maker 2.6 alongside Movie Maker Live.  Problem solved, or so I thought.  Even saving it on the old program made it to big to upload to my editor. So I gave up for the night.

This morning I realized the only way this was going to fly was if I did it in 2 parts.  So here it to make a Circle Parts One and Two.

As for me, I'm done tutorialing for the night. I just want to kick back and play with my friends.

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