Thursday, October 14, 2010

Boy oh Boy oh Boy

Artistically speaking, today has been very productive. I finished my tutorial on crocheting a brooch with a doll's face on it. Then once that was uploaded and off to the editor, I made another tutorial on the pumpkin diorama project.  I finished part one of that. I'll load it up to youtube when I'm done using my computer.  The uploads are painfully slow so I can't do anything else while they are doing their thing, or they go even slower. I don't know how this computer can be even slower than my old one but it is. And still no word from the computer guy on when my memory will be ready. I don't want to keep calling him and bugging him, but seriously even if he bought it on Ebay shouldn't he have it by now? I think it's been 3 weeks.

Another one of my friends just had a baby boy.  That makes 2 friends who just had baby boys, and one that is in the hospital giving birth right now, and my daughter due in Dec. Whew, that's a lot of boys. I'm not sure if Chris is having a boy or a girl but she said she'd email us when she got home from the hospital.

I haven't met any of these new babies yet. Two of them might be at the archery range on Sunday, but I have a feeling just the daddies will come and the babies will stay home.

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