Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upcoming Projects

I just gave my blog a make-over. I couldn't decide between autumn or winter so I went with ducks instead.  That's the way my mind works. Scary, isn't it. Well, I never claimed to be a linear thinker.
I took the background photo at Irvine Lake recently where I was painting. Lovely weather for painting outdoors lately.

Some of the projects I have coming up include more designs on the knitting loom, for all you loomers out there. And I want to design an amigurumi snowman so people can learn the basic body form. Once you know the form you can turn the same shape into a bunny, a cat, a panda, or many other animals. I have some white yarn sitting here that will be perfect. But first I have to finish knitting my baby pirate hat in black and white stripes with it.

I am also finishing up some beaded projects. I can't wait to finish some of these things so I can either wear them, gift them or sell them. They don't do much good sitting half finished in boxes.

Oh and I still have to decorate for Halloween. Sounds like I need to get off the magic box and go do some work.

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