Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yay For Craft Days

Yesterday we went to spend the day with some friends to work on craft projects. She has a walking foot sewing machine, so Guy used that to sew up all his bow socks. It's much easier on her industrial machine. 

I worked on a peyote (gourd) stitch necklace.

Then we all helped our friend dye some canvas fabric for a line of backpacks she designed. The dyeing turned out to be quite the project with the four of us sharing in the mixing, stirring, rinsing and washing of about 5 yards of fabric in three colors. The process is too labor intensive to be practically. I have a feeling she'll just buy colored fabric from now on.

While some of us were on dye duty, Guy and our friend were in the kitchen making chicken stir fry, basmati rice, and a cake for dessert.

Then we had a little music jam session with piano, mandolin, ukelele, and drumming on a cast iron wok. That was pretty darn funny. It made me miss my own piano, which is buried somewhere in my living room.

My friend also gave me some camo flannel which I'm thinking would make a cool big-mouthed puppet.
We always have so much fun when we go over there.

I purposely left my camera at home so it wouldn't be a distraction.

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Michael said...

Sounds like a fun day!