Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Time Management and Arts

My Tweeters and Hooters shop hasn't had any new additions lately so I started working on a new owl baby tonight. This one is a medium gray. I can't wait to add the eyes.

My video 'job' has eaten up bunches of my time so I'm behind on practically everything else. So I decided to limit the videos to four hours per day, because the task really was expanding to fit the time. It's hard to make four videos a week.  Especially if it's a bigger project.  For example if it's a tutorial on knitting a pillow, the videotaping only takes so long, but somewhere in there I actually have to knit, stuff and sew together the entire  pillow. The items don't just magically appear.  Right now I'm making a knitted advent calendar, and I'm barely into making the pockets, so it will have to be a two part video.

Also, I want to have time to make videos that aren't tutorials. I want to make some VLOG videos, and some comedy stuff, and maybe a puppet show. I guess I"m going to have to live with a little less money, because life is about balance. I quickly become frustrated if every motive revolves around money. In hindsite, the tutorials don't pay much if it takes me 20 hours a week to make 4 tutorials. That's barely $5 an hour, and sometimes they take me more than 20 hours a week. The 20 hour mark is the new cap I put on it.
And if the editor doesn't like it, and I have to start over, I make even less money. It was so much simpler when I only had myself to please.

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