Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Working on I-cord

Busy day. I made some I-Cord for two tutorials. The 2nd one is loading to youtube now. That took most of the day. I'm always amazed that it takes so long. Just stringing the bits together can take over an hour. Then an hour to save to my computer, 30 minutes to save to Youtube, 30 minutes to send to the editor. It all adds up with the minutes clicking away. And that doesn't count the time it takes to actually make the item the tutorial is about. I have a new respect for movie directors.

Normally I would have 4 days to finish 4 tutorials, but we are camping again this weekend so I only had two days to do the tutorials, one day to pack for the trip, then off we go.

So tonight I was going to relax in the Etsy chatroom, only there was only one person in the chatroom and they were away.  There was a 'featured seller' chat with about 7 people in it but I never go in those. So I went to the chatroom over at the Steampunk Empire. It was busy, but I didn't know anyone there and had nothing to add, so I only stayed a few minutes.

During a break today I worked on my yellow and black  hat on the knitting loom. I made some good progress on that but I don't think I'll have it done in time for the trip. I'm not sure when I decided to keep it instead of sell it.  My mind seems to make a lot of these decisions without me. It's not like I need another hat, but I really want to show off my new design, and wear it in public.
I saw a baby hat on Etsy that looked like it was made on a knitting loom, but when I asked the seller in chat she said, "I use many techniques."  That's craft lingo for 'I'm not sharing my secrets with you so I'm just going to be really vague." Shrugs.  I wasn't planning to steal her design...I've made hats just like that anyway. I just wanted to bond with another loom knitter.

You can be one of the first people to view my new I-cord tutorial.

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