Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Holidays, Why Do You Muck With My Schedule So?

Today I got up early to make tutorials and it was too cold on the porch for my hands. I'm going to have to find some way to make tutorials indoors.

I did get started on a snood tutorial. Then I had an idea for a knitted advent calendar so my focus shifted.  Ack! Now I'm doing 10 things at once.

My boyfriend was going to make a turkey today and he just got back from the store. But then he decided to do it tomorrow instead, which is a relief because I don't really have time to go help him or clean the kitchen right now. Because I realized my editor probably has Thursday through Sunday off for the holiday, which means I need to get 4 tutorials in by Wednesday at the latest. It entails making the videos, saving them to my computer, then saving them to youtube, then sending my editor a copy, then she has to upload it to youtube.  All that waiting for uploads takes time. And then somewhere in there the editor has to also send it to the people that send me money. Yay money.

I also needed to get my autumn project up on the zombie nanner gang blog. I'll put a photo of my harvest pillow here for you guys to enjoy.

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