Thursday, November 04, 2010

This Week's Tutorials

Soon I will have 1000 posts on my humble blog. That makes me happy. This is post 888.
I just joined a relatively new craft store site called My name over there is Vespertine. I haven't listed any items yet, but they let you list the first 50 for free. 

This week I made four new tutorials. They include a crocheted snowman pin, part 1 and 2 of an envelope hat knitted on a loom, and a how-to join crocheted granny squares tutorial. I'm not sure how long I can keep up the pace of four per week. Other things I used to do before I started this are falling behind. I'm not even going to do Nanowrimo this year because I just don't have enough hours in the day. For the same reason, I've listed hardly anything in my Etsy shops.

So why all the tutorials? A company is paying me a small stipend to add their links to my tutorials, and that is the only solid income I have right now. A bird in the hand so to speak. If I was making $100 or more a week on Etsy I wouldn't have to do the tutorials.  I'd rather sell art. But I'm glad for an income source and the people there have been super nice to me and appreciate what I do. There again, how often are my craft skills appreciated?  I'd almost do it just for the applause from my editors.

Just click on any of my videos on my blog and they will take you to my youtube account, where you can subscribe if you wish. If you want to comment on the videos, then befriend me on youtube, since I have it set to friend's only. That's because you know how youtube is...lots of haters out there and who needs that.
People comment more responsibly when they know you can remove them from your friend's list.

Enough rambling by me. Go create something epic.

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