Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Upcoming Projects

Here it is Wed. and I'm so restless. I overdid the knitting yesterday. Today both wrists hurt.
I did my work before my play today and got the Tiki T-shirt listed on Etsy is my shop. Then I did some networking in the chatroom. But then I realized what a beautiful day it is and I want to go outside and take some photos.

Here are some things I have on the back burner: A shirt with HTBD on it for my belly dance troupe Hypnotic Trance Belly Dance. I should do a line drawing of a belly dancer for it too I think or a logo or something.

I want to make a tiny circus hat and a tiny witch hat and more Steampunk inspired crafts. Still waiting for those plans to gel.

I cut out another applique cat picture, this time with cats in witch hats.

I can hear my boyfriend sawing in the garage. I bet he's working on the knife handles for some knives he's putting together. He bought the blades but he needs to put the handles on them. Which is still a lot of work.

I could really use an extra $100 this month. I'm feeling the pinch.

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