Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traditional Archery Shoot

I went to the event today with empty pockets and came home with full ones. Somehow being an artist feels better when people are buying your work. And though I didn't sell any of my instruments, I got tons of compliments on them and some good reactions. This was a traditional archery shoot, so even though people liked the gourd drums, we didn't sell any. Next year I should make quivers. If was are going to be doing more archery events I need to have an archery mindset. We were vending at this one by special invitation, and they only let in a few vendors so that worked to our advantage. There was one man selling knives, one man selling leatherwork, a lady selling archery parts, and another man selling custom arrows. And I think we all made some money.

If you want to make instruments, check out youtube for tutorials.  There are some really good ones on there and also some pretty funny ones.

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