Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Right Angle Weave and Atlatl Darts

Last night I started some seed bead earrings in right angle weave. So I continued on with that this morning. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping the super slippery polished stones inside the woven bands. So I can either resort to epoxy to hold beads to stone face, or I can switch to a rock with more texture so things won't slip around. It's discouraging when you don't get the results you want, especially when the work takes a lot of time. I haven't given up yet but I did need to take a break. So I worked on my atlatl darts instead. I have to get all the bends out of the reed. That is done by heating the shaft a bit at a time and bending it the way you want it to go.

Right now I have a serious case of the afternoon drowsies. I think we should get to take a siesta like Mexicans do. Seems logical to me.

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