Friday, October 09, 2009

Knitting Crocheting and Gourds

With my next craft booth event just around the corner, I suddenly realized I needed to get cracking with the hats. So I started another one in gray wool that is crocheted and I also worked on a girly hat that is so far dusty rose and yellow stripes in knitting as well, alternating between one project and the other so my hands wouldn't get as tired.

On Oct. 25 we'll be at an archery shoot in Pasadena and will have our craft booth set up with bows, arrows, and my crafts. It's down in the arroyo by the casting pond so if you think you'll need directions give me a holler.

I also worked on putting a finish on some of my gourds, and did some more work on the gourd basket. I painted the interior black and put a clear finish on the exterior of the gourd. Next I'll do some weaving with unusual yarn. It's all coming together bit by bit.

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