Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Crafting Today

I was so busy at the archery range yesterday that I never got around to doing any beadwork. I was way out of my comfort zone trying to straighten 12 foot long reed shafts over some Sterno for my atlatl darts. Then Sal and Guy helped me finish my berimbau. The wire under tension on that thing is a little scary. Diane sat next to me all day making beaded necklaces, so I was seriously wanting to drop everything and do some beading but I ran out of daylight before I ran out of projects. So today I already started a necklace with black seed beads and colorful glass tube beads.  I'm about done with the beading but stopped for lunch. But I need balance in my life, which means getting some exercise, so I'm about to walk to the grocery store. Hopefully I'll get back to my necklace later this afternoon.

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