Friday, October 02, 2009

Quilting Fever

Today I remembered the postage stamp quilt I started a while back. It seemed like a good use for the smaller scraps I'd created in those 3 quilting projects I started yesterday. So I made a new 2"square template out of some fine sand paper. Sandpaper keeps templates from sliding around. I wish I could find my clear plastic ruler. I had to make do with a school ruler with a metal edge.

I also used some Heat-n-Bond in tiny bits to keep the cats and bushes on the fabric until I get it stitched down. That stuff isn't meant to be sewn over so I didn't put any large patches of it.  When it comes time to quilt it I didn't want it gumming up the needle on the machine. I didn't get to work on my Whacky 9 Patch at all but I'm going to go over to Flickr now to see if others are making the 9 patch. I bet they are. If you ever want to find examples of the type of quilt you are planning, you can look it up on Flickr or Google images to see what else is out there.

Also before I forget one of the main pattern companies also has a nice redwork pattern out for the holidays in their current catalog. Redwork is typically red thread on a white background. Very elegant looking and fun to do if you like hand stitching as much as I do.

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