Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Slow Day is Turning Into a Busy Day

It looks like we are going to go to an SCA meeting today to help them build arrows. I had forgotten all about it. The air quality is very bad with all the fires, so I was planning on staying indoors all day. I have some wheat honey bread baking in the bread machine. It won't even be done until four or five. I'm going to have to ask my bf to keep an eye on it because I need to run to the bank and make a deposit. It's really humid today and I don't really want to be in my truck at all.

I worked on another hair fascinator this morning. I had it sprawled all over the couch, which didn't used to be an issue, but now with my boyfriend out of work he kept commenting on me taking up the whole couch, so I put everything away. It's definitely affecting how much I get done each day, and I need to get even more stuff listed, not less, because I need to increase my income or we'll be facing some desperate times.

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