Sunday, September 06, 2009

Don't Hoard It Use It

I started a new embroidered t-shirt today. This time I picked a size small, which won't fit me. I did that to force myself to list it for sale, instead of wearing it one day when I didn't have any clean shirts left to wear. Ha.

So far is has 3 lemons, some flowers, and some vines. I got to use my pure silk ribbon that I bought ages ago for ribbon embroidery but I was too intimidated to use it! Don't hoard your craft supplies...use them. Do as I say and not as I do. Otherwise you'll be dead some day and some lucky dog at Goodwill will have your posh craft supplies that you squirreled away.

I also grabbed an embroidery book at the library because I can never seem to remember more than a few embroidery stitches. It's good to keep a reference guide handy.

I also got to use up some odd bits of lace. Many years ago I bought a box of lace scraps at a yard sale. The box is about the size you keep files in. Well, that must have been twenty years ago and I still haven't used them all. So I'm determined never to move that box again. I'm going to use all those buggers up on purses or t-shirts or whatever. Fabric does keep a long time but it doesn't keep forever. I cringe to think how much I've spent on storage over the years because I didn't use things up in a timely fashion. I could have bought some of these supplies 10 times over by now. Do the math...$80 a month for storage. That's $960 a year. That's $9,600 in 10 years. $10,000 can buy a lot of craft supplies eh?

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Michael said...

Those flowers look cute. Oh, I could do some major damage at a supply store with $10,000 haha