Saturday, September 12, 2009

Embroidery Oops

When I got down to San Diego, I pulled out the Christmas stocking I'd planned to work on and couldn't believe that I hadn't left a single embroidery hoop in the bin of embroidery projects. They'd all been 'borrowed' for other projects. The only thing I had in my bin that would work was a new needlework frame which you can see in the photos. I've used them before in a pinch. But it came back to bite me in the end because when I finally had to move the hoop, it had left an ugly brown smudge. I don't know if it's dirt, or dye that's rubbed off the frame. Either way, those shouldn't have stained the project because after all they are designed to frame needlepoint. Ugh. I hope I can clean it off. Generally I wouldn't even try to clean this until the embroidery was all done, but I don't want to invest anymore time in it if it's already ruined. I just hope I can save it.

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