Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Parking and the Way Things Used to Be

Our city in it's infinite wisdom closes the whole neighborhood street parking down every Wed. morning from 8 AM to noon, for street sweeping, which means I have to get up way before I want to and repark our vehicles in the alley, which is also illegal but there is nowhere else to park.  Where I used to live they only closed off one side at a time, so you could just park on the other side, but that would be logical.

So I dropped by the Etsy chatroom on my way to bed. Only instead of being there for 10 minutes I was there for an hour, and now it's really late and I'm really tired and I still have to get up early to move my truck.

When I think about the difference between being middle class and lower class, one of the things that impacts me the most is parking. I used to have things like driveways and garages to park in, or even a parking structure. Now we have one driveway for four apartments or street parking if and when we can get it. But our neighbor's got the driveway first and I think they are having mechanical problems, so they could be parked there for days, because more than likely they don't have the money to fix their car.

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