Monday, February 16, 2009

Two Beaded Necklaces

I rolled out of bed this morning and beaded two necklaces with bigger chunkier beads to offset all the projects I have going with tiny seed beads. I just needed something that would give me some instant gratification. One necklace is in warm shades and would look great over a black turtleneck and the other is shades of blue and pink with swirls of silvery color. Even though I didn't try to make them the same length they came out exactly the same length. They would be great for a sophisticated gypsy look or to wear with an African print. A perfect activity for a rainy day.

I used glass and plastic beads as well as chips of red jasper. And though I put clasps on both of them, they do fit over my head unless I'm wearing a hat or have big hair.

Now I'm painting a big gourd black to use as a necklace stand.

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