Sunday, February 08, 2009

Beaded Earrings

I've been sitting on the porch watching the rain and making beaded earrings. Beads are like adult candy to me. It's a pleasure to find any excuse to use them and try out new patterns and color combinations. Right now I'm working with seed beads and bugle beads and using the brick stitch. The magnets I got in Quartzsite are coming in handy. I now have a parking space for my needle and if it slips away from me I can use the magnet to pick it up again.

Today I dug out my beading mat and what a world of difference having it makes. Now I'm not losing nearly as many beads and it's easier to keep track of what I'm supposed to do next. Everything stays right where I laid it until I need it again.

The problem with doing multiple crafts is that by the time you figure out the perfect work station for one craft, you have to put it all away and start over for the next craft. What works for beading doesn't work for quilting or embroidery or painting. It's like constantly reinventing the wheel. Unless you are lucky enough to have a whole lot of space or a nice big studio. How many of you can't even use your dining room table because its covered with projects all the time? The reason I'm out on the porch on a chilly day is because my boyfriend is already using the living room to make arrows. We definitely need more space.

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