Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Meeting up to Make Crafts

I've spent most of today worrying about money so I'm going to give it a rest and think about beauty and love and crafts instead. I'm working on some beautiful beaded earrings. If anyone wants to get together in Anaheim or Buena Park, CA and work on crafts let me know. I get tired of being alone so much and there are all kinds of places here we could meet, especially with spring approaching. It's gorgeous outside. The Haskett library has a great patio perfect for knitting, journaling or drawing and it's mostly empty. Libraries have changed a lot. This one even has a snack area with vending machines. So we could bring a lunch, sit out on the patio and knit or do beadwork or whatever.

Plus if you need to get your daily walk in, or your 10,000 steps, there's a park that adjoins the library. It has a playground if you have smalls.

How many of you are working on costuming? The need for costumes is neverending whether they are for belly dancing, steampunk, a themed party, or good ole Halloween.

I was so tired last night I found myself falling asleep in the Etsy chatroom and I totally missed the treasury windows opening. I watched it all day and then at the critical hour, I missed it.

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