Saturday, February 21, 2009

Busy Saturday

It was a busy Sat. I started out with my daily walk, this time on the Santa Ana River bike path. I've never been down there before and it was fascinating. There is a firefighter's training facility in the area and they were doing a training session of climbing up a tower with ropes and then lowering down ladders.

Then on the river side there were 3 bulldozers rebuilding sand berms after the recent rains. And tons of seagulls or to quote my science teacher, grey's gulls. And of course I saw cyclists on all styles of bicycles, some with helmets, some without. And a group of young men jogging. Nothing like watching young men run by as I walk at a snail's pace to make me feel old and shapeless.

I came home and started working on some new fetish dolls. They will have beaded hair.
I also put a finishing spray on the black gourd I painted a few days ago to use as a necklace holder.

Then tonight I was in the Etsy chatroom and was crocheting a pale green twirly scarf. After a point the multitasking was making me crazy. I was participating in the chatroom, watching steampunk videos on youtube and trying to crochet all at the same time.

Time to wind down so I can go to sleep tonight.

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