Friday, February 06, 2009

Beaded Earrings

I finished two pairs of brick stitch beaded earrings yesterday. The thing that took the longest was finding a beading needle. I buy some everytime I go to a craft store it seems, and then they disappear into the woodwork. One pair is blue and white and the other is midnight blue and orange. It was a joy going through all my bead boxes and putting together new beads with beads I bought in the past. I think I have every color under the sun. Beading makes me feel guilty because I know I'll never get paid what my time is worth. But they are so beautiful and they feed my soul so that's worth something.
It is still raining today so if I get my book finished I'll start on another pair. Then I'll leave them in my Etsy shop for 4 months, and if they don't sell I'll start wearing them. So I'm using sterling silver ear wires because my ears are unhappy with cheapo ear wires.

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