Sunday, September 26, 2010

SLO Plein Festival 2010

Last week I was up in San Luis Obispo and saw they were planning an En Plein Aire Festival. I couldn't be there for that, but in honor of it, I took my paints to a lake park in Irvine, CA and painted the ducks, geese, and tweety birds that came by. Then I got a treat and I had my camera ready when a flock of Canadian geese dropped by for a visit.

I finished the Plein Aire painting and started an semi-abstract dancer when my ride showed up. Time sure flies when I'm painting. What a beautiful day out and it was so cool in the shade. I didn't even realize how hot the day was until I got in the truck.

Check out the SLO event in the link above.  It is multiple days and locations and also has poetry and lectures set up.

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