Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Corn Hat and Gourd Water Vessel

Last night I had an idea.  I thought I'd make a candy corn hat, only in the slouchy hat pixie hat style.  So I found some white, yellow and orange yarn and started on that yesterday. I finished the white tip easily enough and then set to work on the orange middle.  I'm thinking of learning the crocheted ribbing I've seen on some TV shows to give the hat a stretchy brim. I've seen it used on socks, but why not on a hat?

Today I worked on the gourd drinking vessel. I finished the looping in the linen thread all the way to the bottom and wove in multiple ends.  I need to figure out if I want straps or a belt loop for carrying it. I like the belt loop idea but I'd need a button closure or something so I can take it off my belt to drink out of it. So far I've tried to keep everything natural, but it looks pretty bland to my clownish tastes. Maybe I'll add a few feathers for decoration.

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