Monday, September 27, 2010

A Good Reason to Learn to Sew

Blogger is being a putz today and not letting me upload any photos. It's a new week and I'm excited to watch autumn unfold. My friends are getting ready for Great Western War. I wish the SCA hadn't moved it so far away from my house. I used to go every year when it was in the Pomona area. Now it's just further away than my old truck can handle.

One of my friends is moving back east to her old stomping grounds so she had a yard sale. She gave me a bunch of yarn that I can use for charity. By her own admission she's a yarn snob but I'm more than happy to relieve her of any acrylic yarn she didn't want any more. I can always find a use for fiber, no matter the content. I even knit and crochet with plastic bags.

Speaking of which, yesterday I saw a documentary about the boycott against Forever 21.  They were basically running a sweatshop in Southern CA. Their workers were getting paid about $3.00 an hour or .19 for sewing each shirt. So if you sew your own clothes, or fix and remake the clothes you already have, then you know it wasn't made in a sweatshop environment. All the more reason to make your own clothing.

Even though the workers eventually won their lawsuit after 3 years, many of those jobs are now outsourced to sweatshops in other countries, so they won the battle but perhaps lost the war on garment industry greed. When the president of the company lives in Beverly Hills and the workers can't even afford an apartment, there's something wrong.

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