Friday, January 15, 2010

Working on My Gourd Drum

This is my 700th post to this blog. Amazing. I guess I have more persistance than I thought.
Today I worked on my gourd drum. I had to level the top and the bottom and clean more gunk out of the insides. I still have a ways to go but my hands wore out before my work was finished. Tomorrow is another day. We're expecting a rainstorm, so I wanted to get as much outdoor work done as possible.

I also worked on more spinning with the drop spindle. I need to figure out what to use for bobbins so I can ply 2 strands together.

One of the sellers I know from the Etsy chatroom is 2 sales away from 5,000. Amazing. She sells hand painted yarns and stitch markers.

She said it gets easier after the first 100 sales. I'd sure like to find out if that's true. Ah well, it's almost midnight so I'm off to make my bed, if I can get Rocky the cat to find a new sleeping spot.

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