Saturday, January 02, 2010

Salvation Army A Visit at Aunt Sally's

I did a little 'retail therapy' at the thrift store today. Salvation Army in Anaheim expanded into the vacant shop next door and doubled in size.  I scored with some brand new bandanas for .50 each. But my big find was a wooden set of canvas drawers that will be great for sorting craft supplies by color. Wooden frame with canvas drawers for $7.50. I almost bought a rocking horse for my grandson. I would have if I'd seen the red 50% off tag. But by the time I walked back to it, someone had already snagged it. I watched it go out the door. Ah well, maybe next time. If you love it, hang on to it!

Their prices are pretty irrational. The first wooden knife block I found was $21. An old man on the other end was looking at another one. He put it down and left. So I  picked it up to check the price and it was $2.00. Now I can take the steak knives out of the silverware drawer and have more room for table knives. Yes!

This Salvation Army also has tote bags. If you get one for .99 and use it, they take .25 off your purchase each time you use it thereafter.

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