Friday, January 08, 2010

Jewelry gourds and more gourd ideas.

This afternoon I got to work on some of the gourds we just bought. Lucky for us, there is a shoe repair shop half a block away and he sells leather dye, since I'd used up all the yellow dye on my last drum.

I cut the tops off four jewelry gourds today. I want to make them into necklaces that hold incense or spices. There is a learning curve to that. The first one I cut pretty crooked with the coping saw so I had to get some help. After a few tips I was able to cut the other tops off fairly straight and sand them smooth with a 4 in one file.

And here is a look at the snake gourds I got. I want to turn the v-shaped gourd into a harp. I keep picking projects that are beyond my skill level but how else will I grow as an artist?

Tonight we'll do some wood burning on the gourds as soon as I clear a table.

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