Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cross-stitch Bison

Yesterday I took a day off. My hands have been hurting like crazy, particularly my left one. I can't even turn a doorknob without pain. So I avoided all knitting, dishes, crochet, and heavy typing. My hands feel less stiff today but still painful when I try to grab heavy things like frying pans or bags of  laundry. I did do a bit of cross stitch last night. I worked on my bison. I'm thinking of making  it into a cross stitch picture frame with animals around the border. It would be a good gift for a man who likes to hunt, camp or fish. It's on beige aida cloth. I'm not sure how to turn it into a frame, but I'll figure it out.

I have to take it easy with my hands again today. Tomorrow is our Stitch-n-Bitch so I hope I can do something there.

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