Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sewing and Rain

We knew rain was on the way, so I spent as much time outdoors today as I could. First I got my juggling practice in. Then I started a cross-stitch project that's super portable and took it out to the garage. I'm making a bison. It's little and will be a magnet or something. I want to offer more cross-stitch in my Etsy shops, and big projects aren't practical. They take forever and no one is going to pay for the hours spent making little x's. So the next best thing is little things like bookmarks, pendants, magnets, and so on.

I also worked on my Purple and Black Attack slouch hat in crochet. That's coming along but I just wasn't in the mood for crochet today. My boyfriend is out in the garage sewing on his industrial Mitsubishi machine. He's making bowsocks for bows (archery). It started to sprinkle so we came in for lunch. Now it's raining pretty good and gettting dark, but he just went out to sew again. I might go out too, but in the dark I can't do much. The only good lighting in the garage is the one right over his sewing machine.

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