Sunday, January 24, 2010

Assorted Crafts

Crocheting a slouch hat

Alphabet and Barnyard Sampler

Time to crochet with another color

Heart motif in knitting

Working on a cross stitched cow

Beads beads beads for a beaded collar.

It was a fruitful weekend and I got a lot done. But I also bought myself even more work to do. Here are some photos I took of my current projects. Just to show you how much photographs can vary, those two hats are the same hat, taken outdoors in natural lighting one day apart with the same camera by the same photographer. So remember when you order on line, you can't be too in love with the computer monitor version of what you are buying. Don't be mad at the artist if the hat that looked hot pink on line may be cherry pink, rose pink or fuschia when you get it.

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