Saturday, January 02, 2010

Time Line

I thought just for fun I'm make a time line of my arts and crafts experience.

Grades 1-6
Mother taught me how to sew and cook and crochet.

Grades 7-8
Junior High
Classes in Cooking, Sewing, Mixed Media,
Father taught me to Knit

High School
Wheel thrown Pottery
Jewelry Lost Wax Casting

Jr. College
Art History
Fashion Illustration
Oil Painting
Life Drawing
Black and White Photography
Needlecrafts and Fiber Arts

After College
Private lessons in pottery
SCA classes in calligraphy, costuming, silk painting,
beadwork, dyeing, chainmaile, leathercraft

That's just a brief summary and doesn't include things I taught myself like block printing and macrame', gourd art and sculpture.

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