Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sat. is Over

It is so hard to remember what my life was like before the Internet. When I didn't feel the need to check in all the time to see if there was any e-mail, or blogs to check on, or sales to look for, or words to look up. The Internet has become my library, my dictionary, my photo album, my entertainer, my accountant, my banker, and my weather station. It's so hard to just get up and walk away from it. I have 'one more thing' itis, feeling like I have to check one last website for something. Or post one more photo.

Here I find myself after midnight, and I haven't done my daily blog yet. I did take my daily self-portrait but it's still on the memory card. I'm too tired to even plug it in and post it.

I started the day with hat knitting, and in the afternoon I did some hat crocheting. I seem to be stuck in hatland. I just couldn't seem to get up any creative momentum today. I have a vague feeling I should be doing something more important and impressive, but what that might be I don't know. I'm beginning to feel like knitters and crocheters are a dime a dozen on Etsy. And so many are into making hats. Because hats can be made fast enough and with little enough yarn that you might even be able to make a profit if you sold one. (Compared to knitting a sweater or crocheting an afghan).

I like the convenience of knitting and crocheting. It's so much less energy than throwing and firing poetry, or making a soapstone statue. It may even be a form of procrastination that eats up my time so I can't do other forms of art. I do think it's a form of art; I just don't think it gets the respect it deserves.

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