Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Researching crafts

Today the time just flew by. I did manage to get some knitting done on my sweater first thing in the morning, but my plans to get back to it never quite materialized. I did catch some videos on, a knitting tutorial on youtube on mobius strip knitting, a few steampunk inspired belly dancing videos, and took time to glance at some vintage knitting magazines. So today was more of a 'grist for the meal' kind of day.

Plus I looked up my old name on and saw my groups needed some moderation and that alone took about 2 hours. I had 27 friend invites just sitting in my folder. Some were from a year ago. It's hard to keep up with all this internet stuff isn't it? It really does expand to fit the time.

I'm pooped. I'm glad bedtime is near.

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